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  • Braces For Kids
    Cost $3795
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    Financing: $200/mo, $395 Down
    20 month-term, In-House Financing
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Free braces for kids, No out of pocket expense If ur child gets approved by Medicaid. Learn More...

Braces For Kids Cost Starting At $3895

At Ace Dental Center our patients love our Clear Correct clear aligners. Clear Correct uses a series of clear plastic aligners to effectively move your teeth into ideal positioning. The aligners are removable for comfort and convenience and are virtually undetectable while you are wearing them.

So what the difference between Clear Correct For Kids vs Invisalign Teen? Well, in many cases Clear Correct can offer more affordable treatment. Invisalign charges the dentist and patient for the retainer at the end of treatment, while with Clear Correct the retainer is often free; potentially saving you up to $800. If there are additional steps the patient would like to pursue at the end of treatment, Invisalign will charge for the extra treatment while Clear Correct will cover additional steps if the patient is not satisfied after a full case. Some of our patients have also commented that Clear Correct’s clear aligners seems thinner and more transparent than Invisalign’s, making them less noticeable. 

Your Clear Correct treatment will begin with a smile evaluation with our dentist. He/she will take any photos, x-rays and impressions to create a mold of your teeth so that your case may be submitted to Clear Correct. 

Clear Correct will then create a series of customized aligners. Each aligner will be worn for about 4-6 weeks for at least 22 hours a day. Your dentist will monitor your smile’s progression to make sure you stay on track and make any minor adjustments to your treatment if necessary to ensure your best possible results.

Clear Correct costs will be determined the by the complexity of each case. To book your free Clear Correct consultation with our dentist, or for more information about Clear Correct treatment and payment options, call Lombard (630) 953-9777 or Hoffman Estates (630) 953-9777 today.

Dr. Nasreen

girl with braces

Dr. Nasreen has been placing Braces on Kids for over 25 Years. 

I believe all kids must have straight teeth esp age 9- 21 so they do well in grade school, high school and college.

  • I'm bilingual. I can speak English Spanish and now a little bit of Arabic.
  • I'm eager to start orthodontic treatment for your kids today!
  • I respect and appreciate parents who take the time to bring in their kids for treatment.

Benefits Of Early Intervention with Kids Dental Braces

  • A better prognosis for how the permanent teeth will develop
  • The ability to correct any habits that may be the cause of development problems, such as thumb sucking or tongue pushing
  • Correcting bite problems like an open bite, cross bite or deep bite
  • The ability to guide the growth of the jaw to accommodate emerging teeth
  • Lowering the risk of damage to any protruding teeth
  • The ability to improve your child’s appearance
  • Creating a more pleasing and functional arrangement of teeth
  • Alleviating future, and possibly more invasive, dental correction
  • Increasing self-esteem and confidence in your child

Additional Orthodontic Services

boy with braces

- We Accept Transfers
- Free Second Opinion
- Early Intervention
- Braces Removal Service

We are in the......

  • Super Kid
  • Smile Big
  • Look Good
  • Feel great


& By The Way We Get Your Kids Teeth Straight!

We strongly believe in providing quality orthodontic care to all the kids in need.

This means providing affordable options to lower income families. By accepting Medicaid insured patients, we can help lower-income families obtain the orthodontic treatment their loved ones require to ensure healthy and beautiful smiles for the rest of their lives.