Braces For Kids Cost Starting At $3895

By the age of seven, your child’s mouth has formed the basic structure that will allow a dentist to identify how his/her smile will develop as the permanent teeth start to emerge. Interceptive orthodontic treatment addresses a child’s smile concerns before they are allowed to progress into a more complex stage. While your child’s primary teeth are still in the mouth, your dentist has more control over where the permanent teeth emerge, thereby preventing more severe bite problems down the road. 


The benefits of interceptive orthodontic treatment include a clear and accurate prognosis on how your child’s permanent teeth will develop and the advantage of correcting any habits that may impact oral development such as tongue pushing or thumb sucking. 

Through early intervention, your dentist will also be able correct bite problems such as open bite, cross bite, etc. more efficiently as the the ability to guide a growing jaw is easier before its fully developed and allowed to calcify or harden. This also allows your dentist to create the space necessary to accommodate the emerging permanent teeth reducing the risk of damage caused by crowding.

By providing your child with the orthodontic treatment he/she requires early on, you enable them to grow into adolescence with their best smile increasing their self esteem and confidence. Braces for kids also helps to prevent the need to more invasive dental correction required once permanent teeth have emerged in the jaw.

If your child doesn’t require orthodontic treatment, your free consultation will allow both you and your child to become familiar with what treatment options are available in the future to ensure their best smile. We aim at building lasting relationships with our patients, giving children the opportunity to feel comfortable and aware of the many options your dentist can offer.