Medicaid Braces

Once your consultation with your dentist has determined that your child is a candidate for early orthodontic treatment, the corrective dental process will begin with the first of two stages.


Braces for Kids Stage One

The first stage will begin immediately to take advantage of the more easily manipulated primary teeth and jawbone. This will include the correction of harmful oral habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting. At this stage, your dentist will be able to direct the growth of the jawbones to ensure permanent teeth erupt straight and safely. 

By guiding the jawbones into proper alignment, your dentist can ensure there is enough room for incoming teeth. This reduces the risk of damage to permanent teeth and establishes a stable foundation that compels teeth to stay in their proper position. 

Ensuring that the foundation of your child’s smile develops properly from the start helps to prevent future problems from occurring. Having a properly aligned smile will also help your child maintain healthy teeth and gums and promote a more aesthetic arrangement of teeth, lips and face.

Braces for Kids Stage Two

Once your child is older and your dentist has determined it is the appropriate time to address any additional corrective orthodontic needs, you may progress into the second stage of treatment to move the permanent teeth into their final ideal position. This will not only help to improve teeth function and facial features, it will give your child a boost a self esteem. 

The reason we practice two stage orthodontic treatment for children is to allow your child’s dental care to compliment his/her growth process. This orthodontic system takes advantage of preadolescence to help manipulate their smile into perfect alignment so that permanent teeth can erupt easily in the less invasive manner possible.